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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2018Fungal community structures in Lake Biwa and surrounding shallow lagoon lakes using a metagenomics analysisSong, Peixue
21-Mar-2023Helminth of Japanese urodelans: a parasitological approach to the alien species problem and challenges in systematic confusionTsuchida, Karin; 土田, 華鈴
10-Dec-2019How to start, go on, or stop in EFL Communication 口頭による英語コミュニケーションの基礎を求めて井筒, 勝信; 小熊, 猛; 金, 容澤
30-Jun-2019Impacts of 150 Years of Modernization Policies on the Management of Common Forests in Japan: A Statistical Analysis of Micro Census DataTakahashi, Takuya; Matsushita, Koji; Yoshida, Yoshio; Senda, Tetsuji
31-Oct-2017IN THE WAKE OF VILMOS DIOSZEGI Problems of Shamanism in Mongolia in the 1960s and NowadaysSomfai Kara, David
25-Oct-2022Japanese university students' reflections on machine translation used as part of an English presentation activitySAKAMOTO, Kiyo
31-Mar-2008LANを活用した教材提示による学習支援 (活動と資料)久留島, 美紀子; 伊丹, 君和
Jul-2018Large-Scale Cu Nanowire Synthesis by PVP-Ethylene Glycol RouteL. Cuya Huaman, Jhon; Urushizaki, Iori; BALACHANDRAN, Jeyadevan
6-Jul-2014Low compression ratio diesel engines fueled with biodiesel by using spark-induced compression ignitionYAMANE, Koji; Kondo, Chihiro; Kondo, Daichi; KAWASAKI, Kiyoshi
29-Jan-2023Nature and Happiness Levels: New SWB Domains for Rivers, a Lake, and ForestsTakahashi, Takuya; Asano, Satoshi; Uchida, Yukiko; Takemura, Kosuke; Fukushima, Shintaro; Matsushita, Kyohei; Okuda, Noboru
30-Sep-2022Phylogeography of parasitic nematodes recovered from Bufo species in mainland JapanArvin Jet Bitanga, MARCAIDA
30-Sep-2022Physiological responses in crustacean zooplankton to abiotic and biotic stresses, especially lowering pH and crowdingGAO, HUANAN
21-Mar-2016Physiological responses of a freshwater copepod Eodiaptomus japonicus on different temperature and food conditions, evaluating anthropogenic impacts in Lake BiwaLiu, Xin
30-Oct-2020Regional Identity of a World Heritage Site, Hoi An Ancient Town, VietnamUchida, Yume; Utsumi, Sawako; Fujiki, Yosuke
1-Nov-2020Relationship between bending performance and chip size of strand board made from reed永井, 拓生
31-Mar-2020「RYUBOKU HUT」―沖島に漂着した流木を構造体とした建築芦澤,  竜一
31-Mar-2012Sodium deoxycholate synergistically enhances the antimicrobial activity of β-lactam antibiotics againstβ-lactamase-producing Staphylococcus aureusHorie, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Satomi; Hirano, Kano; Yaegashi, Asaka; Yoshida, Sayuri; Yamaki, Fumiko; Nozawa, Koohei; Fujii, Yuichi; Yamada, Akira
30-Oct-2020Some effective ways to manage presentations in EFL Communication ー英語による口頭発表への道を開くー井筒, 勝信; 小熊, 猛; 金, 容澤
16-Mar-2012Studies on the microbial glycosidases acting on indigestible carbohydrates吉田, 永史奈
20-Mar-2020Study on electromagnetic-wave control in conductive periodic structures and its applications for devices伊丹, 豪
Showing results 32 to 51 of 724
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