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Title: Nature and Happiness Levels: New SWB Domains for Rivers, a Lake, and Forests
Authors: Takahashi, Takuya
Asano, Satoshi
Uchida, Yukiko
Takemura, Kosuke
Fukushima, Shintaro
Matsushita, Kyohei
Okuda, Noboru
Keywords: happiness levels
subjective well-being
quality of life
ecosystem service
Issue Date: 29-Jan-2023
Publisher: IntechOpen
Abstract: By using a questionnaire survey, we measured nature-related happiness levels, which include specific domains that differ from the overall subjective well-being (SWB) in a Japanese watershed. We regarded nature-related happiness levels, specifically related to rivers, a lake, or forests, as meaningful indices because many people living separated from nature may be unaware of their relationship with nature. We found that nature-related happiness levels had convergent validity and distinct correlation patterns with the explanatory variables, and these patterns were different from those of the overall SWB. These findings support the case of measuring nature-related happiness levels and overall SWB. Nature-related happiness levels were positively correlated with leisure activities and contact with living things. The abundance of rivers in a district is negatively associated with river-related happiness. We speculated that this was due to unidentified disservices associated with the rivers. Lake-related happiness has stronger correlations with relaxation benefits than symbolism, local food culture, art/culture, or water sources. Considering these findings, policymakers should formulate policies based on nature-related happiness levels. Because nature-related happiness levels are not correlated with income level, such policies may contribute to residents’ well-being in an egalitarian manner.
NII JaLC DOI: info:doi/10.24795/kaot_takahashi202307
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