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Title: コンラッドとマグリットにおける「狂気」と「赦し」:コンラッド初期小説群の再評価
Other Titles: Madness and Forgiveness in Joseph Conrad and Rene Magritte
Authors: 山本, 薫
Keywords: ジョウゼフ・コンラッド後期歴史小説
Joseph Conrad's later historical novels
British Literature
Rene Magritte
Continental thought
Jacques Derrida
Issue Date: 23-May-2019
Abstract: 本研究は、ジョウゼフ・コンラッドの第一作『オールメイヤーの阿房宮』(Almayer's Folly)と、画家ルネ・マグリットの同名の絵画(La Folie Almayer)に共通する狂気(folie/madness)への関心 を、ジャック・デリダの言う「狂気」としての「主権なき赦し」という観点から考察することで、アラブとヨー ロッパの対立と和解の可能性を探求するコンラッドの初期小説を、現代の国際社会の緊急の課題である「赦し」 を先取りする革新的な物語として再評価した。今回論文にできなかった他の初期小説群については、本研究を通 して発見したいくつかの切り口を通して今後分析する予定である。   This project rethinks the meaning of the title Almayer's Folly in terms of folie as madness, through a dialogue between Conrad's Almayer's Folly and Rene Magritte's La folie Almayer. We read Conrad's first novel along with Magritte's painting with a focus on the image of the roots the two artworks have in common. In thinking of folie as madness, we draw on Jacques Derrida’s notion of "pure" forgiveness as a form of madness, which forgives only the unforgivable. Unconditional forgiveness can take place, "in the face of the impossible," as we discuss, between Arabs, Malays, Europeans, Muslims and Christians in Conrad's Almayer's Folly. It may indeed be madness, on which the Belgian surrealist has also been brooding all his life in a way evocative of a mysterious gentleman in his own painting, Figure Brooding on Madness. This project gave us perspectives through which we can analyze Conrad's other earlier novels (as well as later ones) along with artists working in different media.
Description: 科学研究費助成事業研究成果報告書(研究種目:基盤研究(C)(一般),研究期間:2016~2018,課題番号:16K02457)
NII JaLC DOI: info:doi/10.24795/nbkk_yamamoto_202001
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