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Title: 滋賀県安曇川沖積平野の条里制集落・針江地区の重要文化的景観「水辺景観」における景観の関係性の研究
Other Titles: A study on relationships of landscapes in an important cultural waterside landscape of Harie, a Jori-grided village at the Ado Alluvial Plain In Shiga Prefecture
Authors: 小谷, 裕枝
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2018
Abstract: 本研究は,集落形成のルーツとされる中世を始点として,現在の針江地区の重要文化的景観「水辺景観」における,景観の関係性を解明した。針江地区の景観は,中世確定して安曇川流路等の自然条件に連関して,各景観要素の配置や,利用形態が定められている。景観利用と保全が連関する,地域の伝統的水環境システムは,生業活動を通して共同体の結びつきを強化しながら,各景観要素を間接的に大きく関連づける。その生活圏全域に及ぶ,多層体システムの諸関連性の多くは,現在に継承されている。   This paper clarified relationships of landscapes in an important cultural waterside landscape of Harie up to today, based on the objective data analysis from the middle ages, that is supposed to be an origin of colonization of the area. In landscapes of Harie, the assignment and the usage of each landscape element had been designed according to the natural conditions, along the flow paths of the Ado River stabilized in the medieval era.Traditional water environmental system in the area in association with landscape usage and conservation has strengthened bonds of communities through subsistence activities, so that each landscape element is liked together broadly and indirectly. The multi-layered system covering the whole area of the daily milieu, has maintained many relationships within the landscapes.
Description: 環課第57号
NII JaLC DOI: info:doi/10.24795/24201k104
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