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Title: リチウムイオン電池の詳細発熱計算と電池モジュールの発熱を考慮したシミュレータ構築
Other Titles: Detailed Heat Generation Estimation of Lithium-ion Battery and Development of Simulator for Its Module Considering Heat Generation
Authors: 乾, 義尚
Keywords: リチウムイオン電池
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2019
Abstract: 電力用の蓄電池としてリチウムイオン電池モジュールの能力を最大限に引き出すため には,その高精度な動作特性シミュレータが必要不可欠である.リチウムイオン電池モジュールは,充放電時の 発熱により顕著な温度上昇が発生し,しかもその温度上昇により特性が変化してしまう.従って,電池モジュー ルのシミュレータ構築には,電池の発熱量の正確な推定手法の確立が必要不可欠である.本研究では,リチウム イオン電池充放電時の発熱量の高精度な推定が可能な新しい詳細発熱計算手法を開発し,それを電池の温度上昇 と電圧過渡応答の解析プログラムと組み合わせて,電池モジュールの発熱と温度上昇を考慮した動作特性シミュ レータを構築した.   To maximally extract the capability of lithium-ion battery modules for large power storage, a precise simulator of their performance characteristics is indispensable. The temperature of the modules significantly rises by the heat generation during their charge/discharge. In addition, this temperature rise varies their performance. To realize a simulator of lithium-ion battery modules, therefore, some accurate estimation method of their heat generation is necessary. In the present study, at first a detailed estimation method of the heat generation in lithium-ion batteries during their charge/discharge was newly proposed and established, and then a high-precision simulator of the performance characteristics of the battery modules was successfully provided by combining the simulation programs of both the temperature rise and transient voltage response of the battery modules with this new estimation method.
Description: 科学研究費助成事業研究成果報告書(研究種目:基盤研究(C)(一般),研究期間:2016~2018,課題番号:16K06233)
NII JaLC DOI: info:doi/10.24795/kokk_inui_202001
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